Inter-process communication IPC 行程間通訊 进程间通信 進程通訊


Main IPC methods

MethodShort DescriptionProvided by (operating systems or other environments)
FileA record stored on disk that can be accessed by name by any processMost operating systems
SignalA system message sent from one process to another, not usually used to store information but instead give commands.Most operating systems; some systems, such as Windows, implement signals in only the C run-time library and provide no support for their use as an IPC method[citation needed]
SocketA data stream sent over a network interface, either to a different process on the same computer or to another computerMost operating systems
Message queueAn anonymous data stream similar to the pipe, but stores and retrieves information in packets.Most operating systems
PipeA two-way data stream interfaced through standard input and output and is read character by character.All POSIX systems, Windows
Named pipeA pipe implemented through a file on the file system instead of standard input and output.All POSIX systems, Windows
SemaphoreA simple structure that synchronizes threads or processes acting on shared resources.All POSIX systems, Windows
Shared memoryMultiple processes given access to the same memory, allowing all to change it and read changes made by other processes.All POSIX systems, Windows
Message passing(shared nothing)Similar to the message queue.Used in MPI paradigm, Java RMICORBADDSMSMQMailSlots,QNX, others
Memory-mapped fileA file mapped to RAM and can be modified by changing memory addresses directly instead of outputting to a stream, shares same benefits as a standard file.All POSIX systems, Windows
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