android power off

android power off

reboot //linux 命令

reboot -p

reboot --help
usage: reboot [-p] [rebootcommand]

am //启动 activity

am start -a android.intent.action.ACTION_REQUEST_SHUTDOWN


usage: am [subcommand] [options]
usage: am start [-D] [-W] [-P <FILE>] [--start-profiler <FILE>]
               [--R COUNT] [-S] [--opengl-trace]
               [--user <USER_ID> | current] <INTENT>
am start: start an Activity.  Options are:
    -D: enable debugging
    -W: wait for launch to complete
    --start-profiler <FILE>: start profiler and send results to <FILE>
    -P <FILE>: like above, but profiling stops when app goes idle
    -R: repeat the activity launch <COUNT> times.  Prior to each repeat,
        the top activity will be finished.
    -S: force stop the target app before starting the activity
    --opengl-trace: enable tracing of OpenGL functions
    --user <USER_ID> | current: Specify which user to run as; if not
        specified then run as the current user.

setprop //android prop

setprop sys.powerctl reboot,recovery

usage: setprop <key> <value>

svc //android service

svc power shutdown


Available commands:
    help     Show information about the subcommands
    power    Control the power manager
    data     Control mobile data connectivity
    wifi     Control the Wi-Fi manager
    usb      Control Usb state

svc power

Control the power manager

usage: svc power stayon [true|false|usb|ac|wireless]
         Set the 'keep awake while plugged in' setting.
       svc power reboot [reason]
         Perform a runtime shutdown and reboot device with specified reason.
       svc power shutdown
         Perform a runtime shutdown and power off the device.
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